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The holidays are coming up, and as many see it as the most wonderful time of the year for giving thanks and celebrating with family, it is also the most wasteful time of year in America. We love food, so in order to maximize the holiday spirit of joy and appreciation, let’s learn about the ways we can reduce food waste together!

Wait, but what is food waste? Food waste is simply food that is not eaten or fully used. Here are a couple quick food waste statistics about the average American’s food waste:

On Black Friday, shoppers all over the world will be participating in the mass sales event. With COVID-19 still in full force, businesses are still planning to hold the event, albeit with some changes.

Since 2006, Black Friday has been one of the highest-earning commercial events for corporations, who rely on FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to make shoppers feel the need to act on a company’s “lowest prices of the year”. The businesses who typically earn the most on Black Friday also happen to be those to commit tax-avoidance, who reap the benefits of slashing prices that small businesses…

Be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, or just for kicks, this time of year can be hectic when shopping for ethically sourced candy brands based on its impact. Luckily, Ethicli has some recommendations!

With large gatherings on the decline for this year, you can now treat yourself to some ethically made sweets with the extra money you’ll be saving… Our biggest recommendation as we kick off the holiday season is to avoid Nestle products such as Butterfinger, Crunch, Laffy Taffy, Kit Kat, and Wonka. They are our lowest-scored brand at a 1.0, which Ethicli will break down.

Nestle Rating Breakdown


  • Responsible for…

Photo of protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline

Last Monday, many celebrated the suspension of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction. The DAPL is a 1,200mi (1,900km) long pipeline running from North Dakota, through South Dakota and Iowa, and ending in Illinois. It has transported about 570,000 barrels of crude oil a day across the four states since May 2017. Why is the pipeline so controversial?

The construction of the DAPL is affecting the livelihood of the Standing Rock Sioux, surrounding wildlife, and the control that big oil has over society. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, or Íŋyaŋ Woslál Háŋ in Lakota, is home to over 8,000 Lakota…

Photo of Amazon Rainforest by Nathalia Segato

Today we want to take time to acknowledge the amazing power of rainforests. To get us started, rainforests account for a large percentage of the world’s biodiversity with the Amazon by itself accounting for 10% (WWF). Rainforests also reabsorb carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and output some of the oxygen that humans and other organisms need in order to survive. Forests worldwide intake 2.4 billion metric tons of carbon each year (Kintisch). They combat climate change and provide us with natural resources.

That being said, it’s very important to acknowledge that our largest rainforest, the Amazon (which is twice the…

Ethicli wants YOU to help crowdsource Black-owned Business data

Hey ethical shoppers!

Ethicli is seeking to crowdsource data to compile a list of Black-Owned businesses for our extension, so YOU can easily check to see if the site you’re shopping from is Black-owned!

Crowdsourcing, or the combo of “crowd” and “outsourcing,” will allow everyone on LinkedIn (and any other contributors) to be able to help build our database. A recent and relevant example of crowdsourced data is The Grassroots Law Project, a community engagement volunteer project databasing cases of police brutality via Slack¹.

In February 2020, Black small businesses have been hit more than twice as hard with unemployment…

Ethicli logo

I was shopping online one day when I thought to myself, “I wish I could know which products were more ethically produced than others”, and that’s when the idea of Ethicli was born. Ethicli is a browser extension that scores online shops and products based on the ethics of their business practices. I realized it is too hard for one person to track all the ethical decisions of every company. But I thought this kind of tool would be super useful not only for myself, but for the millions of people like me who want to support ethical companies. Together…


Ethicli is a browser extension that helps you make more ethical shopping choices.

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