Crowdsourcing Data: Black-Owned Businesses

Ethicli wants YOU to help crowdsource Black-owned Business data

Hey ethical shoppers!

Ethicli is seeking to crowdsource data to compile a list of Black-Owned businesses for our extension, so YOU can easily check to see if the site you’re shopping from is Black-owned!

Crowdsourcing, or the combo of “crowd” and “outsourcing,” will allow everyone on LinkedIn (and any other contributors) to be able to help build our database. A recent and relevant example of crowdsourced data is The Grassroots Law Project, a community engagement volunteer project databasing cases of police brutality via Slack¹.

In February 2020, Black small businesses have been hit more than twice as hard with unemployment as white ones¹. By supporting Black business, not only are we facilitating the growth and development of some fantastic companies, we are helping people get more jobs, as well as holding other companies accountable to uphold actively anti-racist practices.

Currently there are many blogs, social media posts, and even directories of Black-owned businesses, yet many online shops run by Black entrepreneurs are not listed in directories for various reasons.

This is where you come in! Ethicli has not yet been able to find a database that would allow us to display Black businesses to online shoppers for the algorithm we use. If we can crowdsource to build that database together, we can be a step closer to giving Black businesses more recognition.

To participate, fill out this Google form to share your favorite Black-owned businesses!


  2. Reid, Sytonia, and Mary Meade. “6 Reasons to Support Black-Owned Business.” Green America, Kamut, 14 Feb. 2019,

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